Votence re-brands voting

We re-branded popular vote media with our own labels. Maybe back in the days of your grandparents, standing around at the ballot box was cool. But in this day and age Americans need something faster, more dynamic, and as mobile as the technology around us. We don’t vote, we votence. Have you votenced?

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Votence Sites

Votence has launched profile pages for several well-known social media and start-up friendly web services. These include hosted profiles on Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, Crunchbase, Blogspot, WordPress, AngelList, and

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Votence vote tracking

We have finished development of our vote tracking system for Votence and we hope to roll-out the feature into our platform during the first week of November 2011. Several other features are planned for November as well. Stay posted for further updates. Have you Votenced?

If you are an investor you may contact us at


Votence delivers politics in a click. Allowing users to vote on important American issues, run political campaigns, and extend web development with our API.

Our online political news-press informs Americans about their politicians, while giving them the freedom to mock-vote on laws and polices presented in government.

Our mission is to cover national political news, while building our platform to provide coverage on state news.